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September 25, 2008

The Counter-Culture Cult of Truth. Leary, Lennon & The CIA

The first in-depth analysis done by quote unquote reporters on the 7/7 attacks in England was done by a man claiming to be ex-British intelligence. His name was David Shayler and the film was called ‘Mind The Gap’

Shayler also came out on Sky News in may of 2005 and claimed that the videos shown on 9/11 had impossibilities in them referring to the ‘melting’ of airplanes. This is easily one of the first main-stream references to ‘TV-FAKERY.’ Oddly enough, Alex Jones had him on the InfoWars show a few weeks later and congratulated him on ‘the long segment of truthing on the news,’ Whether or not Alex brought up the ‘melting’ of planes is a different story.

More recently Shayler has become outspoken on ‘No Planes’ and even took on GCN Radio talk show host Jack Blood. Blood asked tough questions to the ‘former’ British MI5 agent. The interview can be heard here
What is most interesting is how people are perceiving Shayler’s words. In the description of this video it reads “Mr. Shayler suspiciously fronts the “No-Plane Theory” about 9/11 and claims to be the son of God.”

What this poster is referring to is a strange video of Shayler wearing white robes and making claims that he was of an advanced spiritual nature and that we were all destined ‘to evolve into gods.’
What he and his ‘partner’ Annie are back in England after they both claimed to be living in France and targeted by British police during their absence in the past few years. What is strange is how Shayler, after being so quiet has come back more outspoken (and weird) than ever before. Shayler has seemed to have gone out of his way to make himself look crazy, it is without a doubt discrediting all of his information involving MI5 and MI6, this is how things in the secret service work. Once you are apart of the intelligence community you are always apart of it, people may go with a big lie program all their life.
David Shayler is a total fraud. By declaring himself as the Messiah and soon after embracing TV fakery, he handed the “No Planes is Disinformation” crowd a victory. Not to mention the fact he’s a former agent of MI5, yet he doesn’t present us with any new smoking gun information. A real whistle blower who was dangerous to the perpetrators would be either completely free-zed out of both the mainstream and alternative medias or killed. He also makes easy-to-discredit statements like “Now witnesses at the Pentagon have reported that a smaller plane fired a missile into the building”. No eyewitnesses have said this. Shayler has done nothing for the real movement besides hand one over to the debunkers.

Shayler’s ‘jailing’ was designed to give him some initial street cred. He’s now designed to discredit No Planers. Ex-MI5 Yeah right? Well, some people will argue that he discussed the problem with melting planes before his spiritual shift. Well, that is even worse. He starts embracing TV fakery, causing some drooling ‘truthers’ to suspect he is ‘COINTELPRO’, then he hands a big victory over to those “No Planes is COINTELPRO” by suddenly saying that he is the Messiah, and even giving undecided folks some compelling evidence for the “No Planes is Disinfo” theory. This is a perfect example of the intelligence agencies of the world feeding cult like behaviour.

This type of work can be seen all throughout what is called the ‘alternative media’ even the main stream media with their neo-leftist commentary perpetuated by people who claim to be ‘former insiders’. Take Robert Baer for example. Baer is a ‘author’ and claims to be a ‘former’ case office at the Central Intelligence Agency. More interestingly Baer attended Jesuit Georgetown University School of Foreign Service in 1976 and joined the CIA’s Directorate of Operations as a case officer soon later. After his Twenty plus year career Baer supposedly hung up the black suit and became a best selling author. His first book was entitled ‘See No Evil: The True Story of a Ground Soldier in the CIA’s War on Terrorism’ The book talked about the corrupt nature of the CIA & U.S. Military stronghold during the beginning fazes of the Afghan war. Though Baer claims that the Military Industrial complex is blood thirsty and corrupt, he refuses to accept certain aspects of what the official story of 9/11 and the war on terror refuses to address.

In an interview with Thom Hartmann on June 9, 2006, Baer was asked if he believed “that there was an aspect of ‘inside job’ to 9/11 within the U.S. government”. He replied, “There is that possibility, the evidence points at it.” However, he later stated, “For the record, I don’t believe that the World Trade Center was brought down by our own explosives, or that a rocket, rather than an airliner, hit the Pentagon. I spent a career in the CIA trying to orchestrate plots, wasn’t all that good at it, and certainly couldn’t carry off 9/11. Nor could the real pros I had the pleasure to work with.”
It has become increasingly clear that this coudln’t be further from the truth. The CIA and other intelligence agencies around the world have had much practice covering up conspiracies. A multi-dimensional template, if you will. This has allowed the mass media, and alternative media to focus on the half truth while the real underground researchers sift through the b.s.

The fact is that once you are CIA, you are always CIA. You will never get out of the business unless that is apart of your operation, to get out of the business. Operation Mockingbird was a CIA project that started in the late 50s and was detailed in the the Church Committee investigation in 1975.

In 1977, Rolling Stone alleged that one of the most important journalists under the control of Operation Mockingbird was Joseph Alsop, whose articles appeared in over 300 different newspapers. Other journalists alleged by Rolling Stone Magazine to have been willing to promote the views of the CIA included Stewart Alsop (New York Herald Tribune), Ben Bradlee (Newsweek), James Reston (New York Times), Charles Douglas Jackson (Time Magazine), Walter Pincus (Washington Post), William C. Baggs (The Miami News), Herb Gold (The Miami News) and Charles Bartlett (Chattanooga Times). According to Nina Burleigh (A Very Private Woman), these journalists sometimes wrote articles that were commissioned by Frank Wisner. The CIA also provided them with classified information to help them with their work.

Timothy Leary a counter-culture drug-guru once observed the CNN show crossfire to be ‘The left wing of the CIA arguing with the Right,’ as it would turn out Leary couldn’t have been closer to the truth. Both Buchannan and Braden were Jesuit CIA assets These type of statements made Timothy Leary a idolized individual, but as most researchers will tell you. ‘Do not worship your idols or the topics of your research, because then you won’t see their flaws.’

Leary in the beginning years of his popularity was coming from a religious set and setting, mainly Buddhism, and Eastern religions. Though after his time in jail, Leary had a steep change of direction.

His earlier writings had been about seeing through the ‘plastic studio set’ reality/matrix and turning on tunin in and droppin out. Ie., not buying into their consumer-driven materialistic LIE, which is promoted via their mind control ‘education,’ This was the talk that made him the legend that he is today. But, after he came out of his jail sentence, he began expounding about ‘messages’ he got from ‘ETs’, and that our destiny as a species was to genetically mutate into all different forms of being, and to become immortal. Now THAT shit is the dream/plans of the sicko globalists, and their continuance of Eugenics, into Transhumanism!

Was this change natural or was he the victim of the supposed mind control technology the intelligence services are supposed to have. Where they can make it so you hear voices, etc? This could only be speculation. One may ask, Why would the CIA promote LSD use ? Doesn’t that seem ridiculous and redundant ?

Well, for a start, the CIA interest in psychedelic drugs was NOT to turn us onto Nature, and seeing through their plastic reality matrix–which is what psychedelics can do. No, what those control freaks wanted was controlled zombies. And they gave LSD, etc to UNSUSPECTING people. Again the control factor. Remember in the USA, Timothy Leary was a counter-culture guru and he pushed the LSD for his university professor position he wanted to hold on to as well as for his ‘handlers.’ Some people say Leary was a snitch to the FBI and when he was a lecturer at Harvard, he was closely allied with a Dr. Murray (man who invented addiction patch) and involved in “studies” where unwitting students, prisoners, and mental patients were given LSD and all sort of recipes from the CIA mind control folk. Could Leary have been the victim of these ‘studies’ without knowing it ?

I think we have enough anecdotal evidence over the last 20 years to know that the big British and US intelligence agencies are very much in to mind control and that they have several mind controlled people “working” for them. So many many of the people who are or once were well known for writing and speaking out against the new world order are found to be “ex” CIA and really still working for them. Books, videos, movie stars — so many of them. Remember Gloria Steinem became a Playboy Bunny at the Playboy Club because she also was working for the CIA in all her pushing of feminism. There are even some who say David Icke is sort of a property of the covert intelligence apparatus of Great Britain.

Do these mind control technologies exist? And if so, what are the signs ? Shaylar for example, in his recent incarnations on video appears to have lost about 100 pounds of weight, even in his flowing white robes. Weight loss apparent in his face too. He sort of have really faded from the talk radio scene. No one can say for sure if he is in the clutches of British covert intelligence apparatus, but his history certainly makes him a prime candidate. Maybe he just has gotten in to various kinds of drugs for his mind altering “new spirituality, and weight loss I might add.

Some people claim that Leary was knowingly spreading LSD throughout the country with his lectures, these people claim that LSD leaves people ‘fried’ and ‘emotionless’ though anyone who has experienced psychedelics will tell you that couldn’t be further from the truth. People talk about ‘putting chemicals into your brain’ and ‘damaging your body for spiritual escape’ These people see those of Leary and Lennon to end their lives on a ‘very ugly and nonspiritual looking status’ This in itself again, is a completely different story. You may ask yourself, Did John Lennon really know he was putting back masking messages into his songs ? Or was he ‘got at’ in Africa ?

In the case of ‘chemicals’ and ‘brain poison’ it is already scientifically proven that LSD has less effect on your brain and chromosomes then Aspartame and Caffeine. In fact, every time you eat food, and drink whatever beverage you like you are putting ‘chemicals into your brain.’ These people claiming LSD to be a tool of enslavement have no idea what it is meant by a ‘wonderful spiritual experience’ till these experience what that means for themselves. Talking blind, and using your judgmental tone is the very issue in this world, some people just can’t have an open mind. Who do THEY get THAT from?
And yes, of course your Bible forbids psychedelic plants and substances –at least ostensibly, – because your ‘God’ forbid any ‘gods’ but him! And this is big reason that Christian Bible-believers and pushers went into people’s lands and carried out genocide with anthrax blanket donations to Indigenous peoples. This is exact behaviour of Christians who imposed their sadistic will onto people who KNEW how to live with the land, and have good community. Do they not get that that attitude is control-freakery? If they used sacred psychedelic sacraments, the Christians would say that they were of the ‘Devil’. Because Christians are just AS totalitarian as the militaristic occultist elite and lackies, this is why people have said (of all generations) that pointing the finger at the control-freak elite is like the pot calling the kettle black! Utter hypocrisy. Because you(religious fanatics) want total control of people too, even of their very consciousness, and religious freedoms, and to partake of — what Indigenous tradition call ‘Sacred Medicine.’

What is ‘ugly and unspiritual looking’ is people who are totally alienated from Nature and their own sensuality dictate to others who are no, what they may consume as their sacred sacrament.

Name drop: elephant/room, Dachsie, zoomer & Lord Tsukasa


August 3, 2008

The Chemical Imbalance Fraud

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As I recall growing up in high school, I remember numerous times the topic of depression and teenage angst would arise. As I got older and older I began to notice the unique difference in people’s personalities as they grew into young adults. The process varies from person to person like all psychological studies will say. Each person reacts in different ways depending on the level of there social consciousness and the environment they have adapted to. As a young person growing up I realized that social anxiety and depression were common in the mind of an adolescent. This is why I found it very bizarre that people my age we’re starting to cope with their issues via psychiatric drugs. Even as far back as grade five I remember close friends being prescribed drugs like Ritalin and Ativan, not even knowing the reason they were using these pharmacuticals I also noticed a significant change in many of my friends personalities while they were on these drugs. I recall giving my close friend D. a specific name change when he was using Ritalin. He described the feeling as being ’emotionless’ and ‘feeling like a robot all day.’

As time went on, the increase in what were called conditions among my peers sky rocketed. By the time I was in the Tenth grade I had already dealt with a number of suicides in my social circle along with many people leaving town or even being hospitalized for their quote conditions. What was the most intriguing aspect of all these ordeals was the time-line in which these phases progressed.

One specific case I recall, led to my close friend’s sister being institutionalized after trying to commit suicide. This girl on the surface was a bright person who was very social and well liked. Though after seeing a doctor due to what I remember being described as a ‘sleep problem’ she was prescribed sleep medication. After about two weeks she began sleeping in longer hours and stopped going to school. After returning to school (forced by her Parents) she ran into problems because of the amount of tests and assignment she had missed. While coping with being far behind in school and now to tired to socialize because of her medication, she began developing a very hostile and negative additude. After going to the doctor, and describing her state she was then prescribed anti-depressants.

The same formula happened to my own Sister. As she was growing up she became developing an odd sleeping pattern. (Like any teenager does) After being prescribed sleep medication she began falling behind in school and developing a social angst. After issues with drugs and disputes with my parents my sister agreed to get on anti-depressants. This changed her personality drastically and many times she would disappear from my parents house for weeks at a time. After a large dispute with my parents my sister went ‘off the deep end’ and over dosed on sleeping pills purposely. She was hospitalized and stayed in treatment for about a week. After being released from the hospital my sister made a gradual recovery using therapy (a real treatment)

Now to take you to the realm of Zimbardo. During this time I noticed my mom was developing what she described as a ‘weighing down feeling’ and a ‘tightness in the chest’ We had just purchased a cottage and my parents were spending a lot of time there coping with my sisters illness. I remember a specific night my mother having a panic attack and having to drive back into town to go to the emergency room. My mom was prescribed anti-depressants to treat what was diagnosed as ‘anxiety’ (an emotion not an illness) After this I noticed a complete 180 in my mom’s behaviour. She would have outburst of rage, would throw things, and even have breakdowns and cry. This was something I had never seen my mother do until recently being prescribed these drugs. This was also very strange because my mother seemed to have some how ‘caught’ my sisters condition only from being exposed to the state my sister was in.

Now what justified all three of these cases and the countless amounts among my peers that are ever increasing is the ideology of a ‘chemical imbalance’ in the brain. Doctors will diagnose countless conditions and prescribe numerous amounts of pharmaceuticals in one day, only on the premise of a ‘chemical imbalance.’ Any type of odd behaviour is now describe through this theory. A theory that can easily be compared to Benjamin Rush’s theory of ‘insanity being caused by too much blood in the head’ and can be healed in a process called ‘blottering’ which drained blood from the brain through a hole in the skull, this treatment killed many of his patients, though Benjimin Rush to this day is the SEAL of the American Psychiatric Association.

What does this say about psychiatry ? The simple facts are that the ‘chemical imbalance’ in a theory with a mass amount of holes in it. New tests of the brain and heart show a relation between the coherence between the pulse of your heart and the electro magnetic pulse of your brain. It is argued that this is the true source of raw emotion and most psychological disorders are caused by an inner conflict effecting ones health due to stress or physical health issues. See HeartMath

The cold hard truth is that the ‘chemical imbalance ideology’ is an absolute fraud. And it is sucking everyday people dry of there real true emotions, there health coverage and there well being a human being. No biological test to this date can prove the relevance of a ‘chemical imbalance’ Though this is not a widely known fact, because of the parameters surrounding the FDA, the Pharmacuticle Companies, and the Phsychiatrists themselves.

And too take you to the twighlight zone.
Could it be possible that not only do these medications create physcriatric problems but they are the actual ‘chemical’ cause ? Yes. It could be.
It is well documented that Prozac along with other ‘MAOI DRUGS’ have a long history of causing outburst and violence. Along with that, the condition known as akathisia, which is described as ‘wanting to climb out of your own skin.’

As the eugenics movement carries on, we are seeing that new technologies are allowing the ones at the helm of the industry are creating toxic, mind altering, controlling concaucsions that are steering our society into a dark shadow of dependent individuals. Dependent on being in a depressed state.

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